Summer tours on Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the largest source of fresh water - it's all about it! The area of the lake is about 31,722 km².

The length of the lake is 636 km, width - 27 km at the narrowest place and 81 km at widest one.

Baikal water is very clean and crystal, especially in the spring, when algae and other microorganisms have not yet grown. So you can drink Baikal water without fear.

Summer season begins in june and ends in august and it is considered like the most popular season in the year. The average annual water temperature is +4 degrees, but in summer water in the bays can be up to 20-22 degrees. So you can swim a lot in summer. However tourists come not only for swimming. Summer Baikal is so diverse that every tourist can find what he likes best. Some people come to Lake Baikal for active tourism: crossing Baikal, rafting on rivers that flow into Baikal (boats, kayaks, trimarans), riding a horses, driving buggies, bicycles, and so on. Others come for excursional tourism: museums, galleries, excursions to famous places. The optimal period of vacation on Baikal is 7 days and more (Meet Baikal, Baikal Landscapes, East and West of Baikal). However If you have less time, don't worry, because even one day on Baikal is unforgettable. 

Besides, Baikal region is famous for its ethnic flavor, shamanistic rituals and places sacred to many peoples of Asia. So you will see not only Baikal but also culture of Baikal peoples.

Is it your first time on Baikal and you want to see the most popular and famous places in our region? Maybe you don’t have a lot of time for traveling because only one week of vacation left? Perhaps you are traveling on Trans-Siberian Railway (from Moscow to Vladivostok) and you don’t want to keep Baikal outside and desire to meet it?So, this tour is especially for you. During 7 days you will visit almost all famous places and sights of Lake Baikal.

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Every tourist at least once in his life has to visit Baikal. It is not a secret that Lake Baikal is the largest and the deepest lake in the world. There are many mysteries and myths associated with Baikal. And if you want to check it up on your own experience its greatness and immensity, cross it from the West to the East, from North to South, so this tour is for you.

1667 $

As you know Russia is a multinational country with different cultures and religions and Baikal is not an exception. Despite the fact that the main nation in Russia are Russians, historically the lake area was inhabited by Buryat people. Since the ancient times The Buryats were shamanist. 

Olkhon is the largest island in Baikal Region. Many myths, mysteries are associated with this island.A population of the island is about 2000 people. Majority of the population is the Buryats. The Buryats since ancient times were shamanists and Olkhon island is considered to be the father of all shamans and the main sanctuary and a religious center. Olkhon has a supernatural power that’s why a lot of shamans from the whole world come here to pray or to rituals.

557 $

During 3 days you will visit one of the biggest Baikal city - Irkutsk, popular tourist village - Listvyanka, taste Buryat cuisine and the famous Baikal omul, get acquainted with a flora and fauna of the lake, look at Baikal from a bird’s eye view and at a depth of 1500 meters, and of course, you will swim and sunbathe enough. So you can check your “must to do” list and strike out "Swim in Baikal".

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