​Do you want to take Trans-Mongolian railway and miss all main sights of our region? If yes, so just close this page and choose something more. However if you are ready to adventure and exciting tour so this trip is for you.  

During 9 days you will explore Baikal region and Mongolia. Besides you will visit Buryatia Republic, Ivolginsky Temple (Buddhist Center in Russia), Kyakhta (Border town). Also you will cross Russian-Mongolian border by cars that is very unusual experience. 

Dates of departures

According to individual requests


1st Day


Morning meeting at the airport / railway station with a nameplate “Baikal Vision” . Transfer to the hotel. Check-in.
Lunch in the restaurant at 13:00. Excursion with a guide in the historical center of Irkutsk: central square, churches, old wooden houses, new entertaining zone “130 district”, Karl Marx street, Lenin street.  Then transfer to Listvyanka. Here you will take a lift to Cherskiy rock to look at the picturesque panorama of the Baikal and Angara river. Then you will visit Baikal museum with aquariums. After you will have a chance to buy Baikal souvenirs in local fish and souvenir market. Way back to Irkutsk. Free dinner. Your guide will advise you the best restaurant or cafe according to your wishes and desires. Overnight in a hotel.


2nd Day


Breakfast. Today we will have long day. 
Meeting with your guide. Transfer to Khuzhir – central village in Olkhon island (300 km). On the way you will stop in Ust-Orda village where you will meet real shaman who will sanctify your journey, answer your questions. Visit the National Museum of Ethnography, where you will know about history and traditions of Buryat people.
Lunch in buryat restaurant with a traditional meal - "buuzy".
Continuation of the way to Khuzhir – central village in Olkhon Island. Check-in. Today you will have an excursion around Khuzhir village: Shamanka Rock, one of the nine sacred place of Asia, Cape Burkhan. Dinner. Overnight in the resort.

3rd Day


Early Breakfast. Departure for an excursion (6-7 hours) at the northernmost point of the Island - Cape Khoboy. Because of lack of asphalt roads, your trip will be in "off-road" style by special cars (4x4) like UAZ .
Cape Khoboy is a sacred place for the indigenous people - the Buryats. It takes plenty of shamanic rituals and religious ceremonies. Here you can see all four sides of Baikal. During your excursion, the driver will prepare lunch from local endemic fish.

After excursion you need to return to Irkutsk (about 5 hours). 
Arrival in Irkutsk at 20.00. Free diner. Overnight in a hotel. 

4th Day


Breakfast. Transfer to Kyakhta with several stops: in a shore of Baikal, for lunch (extra charge), Ivolginsky temple, Ulan-Ude. Half of the way will go along Baikal shore. 

You will have an excursion around Ulan-Ude city center. You will see the biggest head of Lenin, Drama theater, Central Square, Government buildings, main shopping street. After Ulan-Ude you will visit Ivolginsky temple - the center of Buddhism in Russia. You will have a chance to speak with monks. Continuation of the way to Kyakhta.  Diner. Overnight in a hotel. 

Warning: Today you will stay in real Soviet hotel. 

5th Day


Breakfast. Crossing the border. Meeting with Mongolian guide. Transfer to Ulan-Bator with several stops: lunch in Darkhan towm, visiting Aglag Buteeliin Khiid near Bornuur town.  Overnight in a hotel. 

6th Day


Breakfast. Today you will visit Hustai National Park, Moltsog sand dunes and Kharakhorin. 

Hustai National Park is one of the well known and prestigious special protected        areas in Mongolia. Hustai Center is operating to conserve ecosystems, biodiversity of the park and historical stone monuments, build up Takhi population in the wildlife, organize national and international workshop and meetings, in other part, to develop eco tourism and support the local sustainable livelihoods in the buffer zone of the park since it was established in 2003. Unique wild horse – Takhi reintroduction project at Hustai National Park started in 1992. As the successful implementation of the project today there are over 363 takhi in the park and we will see them. Moltsog sand dunes are located in the heart of the Khustai National Park. Lunch. Karakorum was one of the most important cities in the history of the Silk Road. Although founded by Genghis Khan in  1220, Karakorum’s development  as capital of the Mongol Empire occurred in the 1230s under his son Ugudei. Overnight in Kharkhorin in a hotel. 

7th Day


Breakfast. Today you will visit Erdene-Zuu monastery, Kharkhorin museum, and Khugnu Tarna Natural Reserve 

Founded in 1586 by Altai Khaan, Erdene Zuu (Hundred Treasures) was the first Buddhist center to be built in Mongolia. Many Mongolians and foreigners consider it as the most important monastery in the country. At its peak, it had 100 temples, around 300 gers inside the walls and up to 2,000 monks in residence.  A surprising number of statues, tsam masks and thangkas (painting with embroidery depicting a Buddhist deity, famous scene, or a mandala) were saved. 


Kharkhorin museum was established in 2010. In 2004 Mongolian and German joint expedition team found the foundation of the Buddhist temple near the Erdene Zuu monastery. You can see the all those archeological collections in the museum. In their temporary hall you will have a chance to see the most invaluable collection which is nobleman’s tomb. 


Khugnu Khan natural reserve covers 46,990 hectares of land (Including elsen tasarkhai) and located in Rashaant soum of Bulgan province. The park is a splendid mountain and situated at the border of three provinces. In the natural reserve, there are extraordinary sand dunes about 80 kilometers. The scenery is spectacular combination of desert, picturesque mountain, river and green grassland. There are two monasteries in this national park.

Erdene Khamba monastery “Erdene Khamba” monastery was founded by Zanabazar(he is called Mongolian Michelangelo) in the seventeenth century. This monastery is devoted to Zanabazar’s master. It is located in front of the Khugnu Khan mountain. There were many temples and around two hundred monks used to live. Unfortunately during the Communist regime, they destroyed the temple and executed twenty monks. After Mongolia became democratic country we restored the temple again but you can still see the walls and ruins.

Uvgun temple is located on the top of the Khugnu Khan Mountain. We will hike from the Erdene Khamba monastery about an hour and get on the top where you will sew about thirteen ruined temples and a big surrounding wall. In addition there are many different types of wild animals in the mountain like grey wolves, deer, foxes and gazelles etc.

Also at the Khugnu Tarna Natural reserve we will have horse and camel riding.

Diner. Overnight in Kharkhorin in a Ger  Camp (in yurt camp).


8th Day


Breakfast. Transfer to Ulan-Bator. After lunch, visit “Gandan” Monastery, Mongolia’s largest functioning Buddhist monastery including the Mongolian Buddhist University. The highlight of visiting to Gandan is 26-meter- high majestic gilded indoor statue of Megjid Janraisig. Afterwards, Sukhbaatar square which is lies at the heart of the city surrounded by important buildings such as government palace, banks and theaters and post office. There is an equestrian statue of Sukhbaatar and a massive Bronze statue of Genghis khan with his four warriors in front of Parliament House. Then we visit National museum of Mongolian history. In the evening, we will visit “Wonders of Mongolia” folklore show by famous Tumen-Ekh ensemble - is one of the most successful folk art groups to share traditional Mongolian music with the world, having traveled to over 40 countries. After the performance we will enjoy the Zaisan Hill and observe Ulaanbaatar. Dinner is at “Bd’s Mongolian Barbeque” international chain restaurant. Overnight in a hotel. 

9th Day


Breakfast. Transfer to airport. End of program

105600R /1600$

Trip Length: 9 Days

Group: from 4 people

Departure: on request

Period: April - November

Accommodation: Hotel, Resort, Ger Camp

Transport: Private car / bus, Ferry, 4WD car

Activities: Excursions, Cultural exploration.

Visited area: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Olkhon Island, Ulan-Ude, Kyakhta, Ulan-Bator

* Itinerary can be changed if you have your own group 

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