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Expedition "Baikal-Alaska" is a historical and geographical project that discovers East of Russia, Pacific Ocean and Alaska to the modern world. The company "BaikalVision" studying the history of Russian-American Partnership, developed the route of the expedition that repeats the path of Siberian merchants of XVIII-XIX centuries.

In 2017 we are going to pass this route from Baikal (Irkutsk) to Alaska (Anchorage). General distance of the route is 13 800 km. Our transport is specially made for this expedition ocean trimaran “Hunter”. This itinerary will be done for first time in last 150 years. In 2016 we tested our trimaran in some parts of the route: Irkutsk – Yakutsk (3400 km) and Kamchatka – Kuril Islands. However the whole route will continue during about 2 month and consist of 7 parts: Baikal, Lena River, Aldan River,  Sea of Okhotsk,  Bering Island,  Aleutian Islands, and Alaska.

According to the results of the project we will create a series of television programs for distribution on the federal channel and we will publish a photobook.

The itinerary of the expedition can be changed according to the road or weather conditions as well as unforeseen events. So as proverb says: we know where it starts and where it ends, but in between, there is only the adventure!

N.B. In order to participate in our expedition you need to be in good physical condition, have experience in expedition, be ready to become a part of the team and help each other on the way. So you need to fill in the application form for participation in the expedition. Our team will give you an answer whether you can participate or not.

Don’t forget that it is expedition, it is NOT a tour, it is real adventure.

Be sure that we have all necessary equipment for expedition however don’t forget your sleep bag, warm, wind and waterproof clothes.


1. Lake Baikal: 650 km – 8 days

Irkutsk – the Angara river – crossing the lake from south to north – Severobaikalsk
(30.05 – 06.07.2017)

2. Lena River: 2000 km (downstream) - 10 days

Severobaikalsk (knock catamaran down) - Davan Mountain (transportation by truck – 120 km) - River Kirenga (build catamaran) - the Lena River – Lensk – river Ura – Sinskiye Pillars – Lena Pillars – Yakutsk
(07.06 –17.06.2017)


3. The Aldan River and the May river: 1700 kilometers (upstream) - 12 days

Yakutsk – the Lena River – the river Aldan – Ust-Maya village – the May River – Nelkan village – Dzhugzhursky Ridge (transportation by truck – 220 km) – Ayan village (Sea of Okhotsk shore)
(17.06 – 06.29.2017)


4. The Sea of Okhotsk: 2500 km – 26 days

Ayan village – Okhotsk village – Magadan – Cape Turn – Shelekhov Bay – Kamchatka Peninsula – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
(29.06 – 07.25.2017)


5. Bering Island: 850 km – 7 days

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Avacha Bay – Kronotsky Bay – Kamchatka Bay – Kamchatka Strait – Bering Island

(27.07 – 02.08.2017)


6. Aleutian Islands: 2000 km – 18 days

Bering island Copper – Dutch Harbor (United States, Alaska)
(02.08 – 08.20.2017)


7. Alaska: 1400 km. - 10 days

Datch Harbor (Unalaska Bay) – Kudobin Island – Kodiak Island -Anchorage.
(20.08 – 30.08.2017)

from 55000Р / 916$

Trip Length: 3 month

Group: 6 - 12 people

Departure: Fixed

Period: June - August

Accommodation: Hotel, Tent

Transport: Trimaran, Truck

Activities: Expedition, Cruise, Cultural exploration, Bathing in hot springs

Visited area: Irkutsk, Severobaikalsk, Lena River, Aldan River, May River, Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

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